About Matty’s Foundation

About the Matty Frankel Foundation

Our foundation is committed to providing underprivileged children with the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

Our mission is to empower these children to overcome the obstacles they face, including poverty and lack of access to educational and athletic resources. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed, regardless of their background, and it is our goal to ensure that they have the tools and support they need to thrive. Through mentorship, tutoring, and access to sports programs, we aim to inspire these children to reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children and creating a brighter future for them and their families.

About Matty Frankel

If you had the privilege of knowing Matt during his brief 21 years of life, you would have undoubtedly recognized several distinctive qualities about him. One of his most prominent traits was his caring and loving nature, which he was never hesitant to express. If he witnessed someone being treated unfairly, he would not hesitate to stand up for them. He loved a gathering, could be friends or family, either way he loved to be a part of it.

Although he appreciated all sports, lacrosse was his passion. Just as he defended those in need, he defended his team’s goal on the lacrosse field. He was an excellent team player and mentor, even serving as an informal assistant coach for the Saint Rose Men’s Lacrosse team. Matt was an incredibly driven and determined individual. He approached every task with a sense of purpose and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. His commitment to success was evident in his academic achievements.

Matt’s unforgettable laughter and smile were two of his most enduring characteristics, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. If you close your eyes and think of Matt these are the two things that will most definitely be etched in your mind.